Create Clinical Placement Experiences That Benefit Both Learners and Preceptors

Last updated on: January 26, 2022

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We can’t overstate the benefits of clinical placements. These on-site opportunities provide valuable hands-on experience, especially for learners who want to become nurses or social workers. But sometimes, your university will encounter barriers when setting them up—and finding the right preceptor is often a big one.

In April 2021, we surveyed chief nursing officers, family practice MDs, nurse practitioners, and social workers about why they do—or do not—act as preceptors. Check out data from the 210 respondents below. You’ll find ideas for attracting preceptors who are ready to help your learners participate in rewarding clinical experiences. Click the image below to view the full infographic.

Most of the Respondents Are (or Have Been) Preceptors
Currently a Preceptor 83%
Previously 11%
Never 5%

If they donʼt act as a preceptor now, would they later?
Yes 51%
Maybe 40%
No 9%
Only 3 respondents would not

95% of all respondents were open to partnering with Wiley to help students find a placement

Top Barriers to Becoming a Preceptor

Time Commitment
Patient load
Busy Work Schedule
Clinic Volume
Available Staff

Easing these burdens could entice practitioners to support your placements.

Incentives are often desired… but getting to teach is often enough

83% of respondents desire an incentive
27% said the opportunity to teach is the best incentive

We heard this from:
5% of chief nursing officers… They’re more swayed by departmental launches
26% of nurse practitioners… They also like funding for conferences
36% of family practice MDs… Teaching is one of their top choices

55%… While teaching is attractive to respondents, the top incentive is Funding for CEUs

More Factors That Attract New Preceptors

Making Time to Act as A Preceptor
They welcome help finding the time to supervise students while doing their job.

Receiving Opportunities to Work with Quality Students
They want to give these students the best education for their specialty.

Receiving Organizational Support
They need the authorization to act as a preceptor and lighten part of their workload.

Improving Communication with Schools
They believe increasing communication with faculty could lead to better learning experiences.

Connect with Preceptors in Our Network
Many universities face challenges when setting up placements for learners. Our exclusive (and extensive) network can help you overcome them. Gain support for creating on-site opportunities that align with your learning goals and accreditation considerations by contacting us today.

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