Spotlight On: Vignesh Ramakrishnan

Last updated on: December 29, 2021

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Vignesh began at Wiley over five years ago as a Data Integration Developer on the SRP Team. Without getting into a bunch of technical jargon, Vignesh’s role as a Data Integration Developer was to figure out a way to get two systems to “talk” to each other, even if those two systems didn’t run on the same platform – Salesforce based SRP and a university partner’s SIS (Student Information System), for example. Vignesh is a true Salesforce master who passed his first Salesforce certificate examination with flying colors and is currently preparing for a few more.

Vignesh came to Wiley with a wealth of work experience, primarily in IT roles for large organizations like Staples, Target, Shell, and Walgreens. If you’ve ever sent photos to be printed at Walgreens using their app, you can thank Vignesh – he developed the app! Vignesh has a strong educational background, having completed his Bachelor’s degree in India and an accelerated Masters in Management Information Systems from University of Illinois at Chicago.

As technologically savvy as he is, you may be surprised to learn that Vignesh did not plan to have a career in IT or computer science. To the contrary, Vignesh started down the path of becoming a neurosurgeon. He dabbled in electronics courses after his plans to attend medical school fell through, but didn’t really explore the field until after he took a job in electrical engineering working on elevator and car window motors, which ultimately led him to a career in IT/computer science and eventually Wiley. He was the face of the Innovation Challenge in 2020 and serves as the MC and host each year!

Vignesh resides in Buffalo Grove, IL with his wife and their two sons. Vignesh is a doting father who places emphasis on spending time with his family and exposing them to new places and experiences. All they need is a National Park Pass and a vehicle; Alaska, Utah, Colorado, California, Arizona, Florida, Montana, Hawaii, South Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin are few states they have covered extensively as a family!

When he’s not spending time with his family, Vignesh enjoys hosting programs organized in and around Chicago. He also has a passion for the art of karaoke, which was ignited in him after the 2015 Wiley Chicago Office Holiday Party. He is now a frequent karaoke performer and participates regularly in performances of classical Indian tunes with his good pal and fellow Wiley employee, Venkat Santhanam.

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