Harlan Employee Award History & This Year's Winners

Last updated on: May 12, 2021

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The recipients of Wiley University Services’ (WES) 2016 Harlan Employee Recognition Award, a special award designed to recognize individual employees who have gone above and beyond their standard set of job requirements, have just been announced. This year, WES granted the Harlan Award to two well-deserving recipients:

  • Erica Cavins

Erica Cavins is a brand manager supporting WES’ partnership with an institution ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s top ten National Universities Rankings. She leads the development of marketing, marketing research, and media initiatives. Erica balances the many facets of her role with the poise and positivity benefiting a Harlan Award winner.

“Erica embodies Harlan…she not only carries the Harlan spirit at Wiley, but she carries it through her external relationships. It is the very best we can strive for in a service-based organization.”

  • La’Toya Carter

La’Toya Carter joined Wiley two years ago as an enrollment coordinator for an institution ranked within U.S. New & World Report’s top 100 National Universities Rankings. As a member of a growing university partnership, La’Toya has played an integral role in refining policies and processes, while building collaborative internal and external working relationships. Her spirit and integrity were a consistent element in the Harlan Awards nominations submitted on her behalf.

“La’Toya exemplifies the core values of WES through her leadership and commitment to integrity.”

These two women have shown a strong commitment to their role, have overcome roadblocks that might discourage others, and have completed their jobs with outstanding attitudes that inspired others.

History of the Harlan Award

The Harlan Employee Recognition Award received its name from a pivotal member of the WES family, Shari Harlan. Harlan joined the organization in 2003 and was instrumental to the formation of the sales organization. In 2004, Shari was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she tackled aggressive treatments, Shari’s smile and zest for life did not fade. Facing insurmountable challenges, she continued to focus on her job, the passion she felt about her position at WES, and how she was helping students achieve their educational goals by advancing online learning. She was often heard telling others, “Don’t let anyone get in the way of you doing your job” – a phrase still repeated in our offices today. Shari was a friend, mentor, and inspiration to many.

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