Infographic: Who is The Online College Student?

Last updated on: July 29, 2022

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Students who choose fully online programs have unique motivations, needs, and preferences. From how they research programs to their career goals, the characteristics and behaviors of online college students hold the key to building successful online programs.

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Wants to Learn On-the-Go

74% of online students want to use mobile devices for their programs.
Students use mobile devices (phones or tablets) to complete various activities.
35%–Watching Videos or Other Multimedia
32%–Completing Practice Activities
27%–Completing Graded Activities
25%–Communicating with Professors
23%–Communicating with Other Students

Feels Pride in Their School

36% of online learners consider the reputation of schools or programs as important when enrolling.
Students continue their relationships with their alma maters after graduation.
22%–Refer new students to the school
12%–Donate to their school

Expects Speed

47% of online college students submit prospective online college students applications within four weeks of beginning their searches.
Online students expect speed throughout the process. They value the acceptance of transfer credits and the ability to complete their programs quickly and flexibly.

Has Transfer Credits

Most online college students have previous college credit they would like to transfer.
87%–of undergraduate students brought transfer credits to their online program
52%–of students earned previous credits in an on-campus classroom setting

Uses Career Services

NEARLY HALF of online college students use at least one career service offering.
54%–Career Advising
37%–Job Search Assistance
37%–School Job Search Website
31%–Resume Creation Services

Views Online Learning as a Top Option

52% of online students would continue searching for a school with the right online program rather than settling for an on-campus program

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