Partnership Transparency and Outcomes 2021

Last updated on: January 20, 2022

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Our mission is to unlock human potential by connecting education to meaningful career outcomes and shaping the world’s workforce. We work with public and non-profit colleges and universities to create accessible, affordable, and quality education outcomes for learners. Here’s how we work with our partners and some of the key results we drive for our universities and their learners.

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Who We Serve
Learners supported

Programs built

Non-profit partner colleges and universities

Partner Performance Metrics
Overall, our average retention and graduation rates across four university categories perform above average compared to similar non-profit online schools.

Retention rates after one year

80.5% Graduate programs
70.8% Undergraduate programs
78.3% Overall
62.1% Comparable non-profit online schools

Graduation rates

66.7% Graduate programs
54.6% Undergraduate programs
64.8% Overall
35.2% Comparable non-profit online schools

Tailored Partnership Models
We individualize partnership agreements with our universities based on one of our two models.

Revenue Share: 68% of partners
This model is a fit for partners that need complete support expanding their online programs. We customize these agreements at both the institution and program levels.

Fee-For-Service: 32% of partners
This model fits partners who don’t need the full suite of offerings. We unbundle our services to help universities reach targeted goals (e.g., market research, instructional design).

We’re proud of our partners’ affordability and caliber. Their programs tend to cost less than those by other schools without sacrificing quality.

U.S. Online MBAs
Wiley median tuition: $22,320
Other median tuition: $25,530

U.S. Online BBAs
Wiley median tuition: $48,000
Other median tuition: $53,760

U.S. Online MSN-FNPs
Wiley median tuition: $31,188
Other median tuition: $37,640

Partner and Learner Experiences
Our partners and learners frequently report high-quality, mission-driven outcomes like these.

What our partners say

“Given what the industry is like now, some of us might ask, ‘Would we even be here if we hadn’t partnered with Wiley?’ If we hadn’t, we’d be smaller. We wouldn’t have the leverage to get out in front of things. And we might be on the same chopping block as a lot of smaller schools that couldn’t make the tough decisions to invest in new ways of delivering education.”
– Eric LaMott, COO and Provost, Concordia University, St. Paul

What our learners say

“My academic advisor is the reason I have continued [in my program]. He was the key at the beginning, and then everything else fell into place. I feel like he ‘has my back.’ I appreciate his attention and promptness very much.”
–Wiley supported student

The Journey Continues
As the higher education landscape has evolved, so have we. We remain committed to creating successful education and partnership pathways for universities and learners—every step of the way.

For more insights, download Powering Higher Education: Partnership Transparency and Outcomes Report 2021.

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