Raising the Bar for Online Learner Satisfaction

Last updated on: May 29, 2023

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Students who enroll in online programs desire more than the flexibility of taking classes from home. Our Online Learner Experiences 2022 report shows how student satisfaction rises when online programs offer engaging courses backed by continuous support. Let’s look at survey findings that could have implications for your university.

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About this research study

We surveyed over 2,000 online learners enrolled with 31 university partners from October to December 2021.

93% of learners expect to finish their online program
80% say the likelihood is high

3 online program features that impart this confidence

Provide opportunities for learners to engage with faculty and peers.

Design courses and navigation that learners find intuitive.

Elevate learner success through guidance from professors and advisors.

Learning online doesn’t mean learning alone

Who has supported online learners during the pandemic?
Peers 50%
Campuses 56%
Faculty 64%

Learner perspectives on faculty support vary by their field of study
Business 62%
Computer/IT 62%
Education 70%
Health (excluding nursing) 70%
Human Services 63%
Nursing 56%

How faculty members support online learners
By providing useful feedback on assignments and projects 73%
By participating in online discussions and adding to classroom learning 63%

How online learners support each other
By offering new perspectives on class subjects 73%
By working well together on team projects 64%

Advisors provide support, too
58% of students believe communicating with advisors can:
• create a feeling of support
• reinforce connections to online programs

The top 3 factors that enhance learner success

  1. Faculty engagement and interaction
  2. Self-motivation
  3. Flexibility, consistency, and clarity

The most consistent aspects of Wiley-supported online programs
Layout of course content 77%
Placement of library and resources 77%
Course navigation 72%

Nearly 80% are satisfied with their enrollment decisions

Satisfied learners recommend their online programs
23% Less likely to recommend
50% Likely to recommend
27% Highly likely to recommend
77% Total

Of the learners who said all their expectations were met, 99% plan to recommend their online programs

Online Program Checklist Preview

Our survey produced these best practices for improving online learner satisfaction.

• Develop consistent, intuitive course designs
• Set clear expectations throughout online programs
• Offer ample opportunities for engagement
• Encourage your faculty to strengthen their presence

Download your free copy of Online Learner Experiences 2022 to get the complete Online Program Checklist. You’ll also find a wealth of survey findings and recommendations for delivering high-quality experiences to your online learners.

Download the report

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