Student Journey

The Wiley Student Journey disrupts and transforms how prospective students research, evaluate, and enroll in their chosen university and degree program. It is an array of digital features, tools, content, and functionalities that move us closer to a self-service, consumer-led model.


Wiley Owned Websites

"Let me Google some info on this."

Gain market share in the highly competitive higher-ed landscape. Optimized for upper-funnel keywords, our portfolio of Wiley-owned vertical websites gives your institution increased visibility early on in the student journey. Cut through the noise and get on a prospect's shortlist.

Wiley Website Framework

"I need a cohesive digital experience where I can find information easily and quickly."

A scalable, user-friendly platform built exclusively for higher education with one primary goal—empower prospective students and drive meaningful conversions.


"Show me the most meaningful content that is relevant to my current needs."

Technology-enabled experiences that deliver custom content based on a student's previous website behaviors.

Email Automation

"I can't chat right now, but want more information."

Eliminate manual outreach efforts while still providing inquires with the key information that is needed to confidently apply.



“I have specific questions, but it's not within business hours.”

Easily compare programs and quantitative, qualitative, and outcome data points.


“I have lots of questions but don't want to talk to someone.”

Wiley's FAQ Hub gives your prospects immediate answers to both common and complex questions. With more degree-seekers preferring self-exploration over traditional contact methods, this repository empowers your prospects to inquire or apply without requiring a phone conversation.

Comparison Tool

“I'm intrigued by two options, which one should I pick?”

With more options than ever before Wiley's Programmatic Comparison Tool lets your prospect Easily compare a program's quantitative, qualitative attributes to help me make the right choice.

Tuition Calculator

"Wait, can I even afford this program?"

The number one student evaluation criteria and a top-three barrier to program enrollment is cost. Wiley's dynamic tuition calculator puts more transparency into tuition and can reduce sticker shock by visualizing cost reductions once anticipated aid and alternative funding are considered.

Online Student Experience

“I've never learned online, what's it like?”

Take the mystery out of online learning and set the record straight with the Online Student Experience. Your prospects can test-drive an actual course, explore LMS capabilities, and learn the myths and truths related to being an online student.


Application, On-Demand

“I'm ready to apply but need a simple, on-demand approach.”

Make your online application process an asset, not a barrier. Now your prospects can easily apply across all devices with just a few taps or clicks. Wiley's seven-step approach to the admissions process gets institutions all the information they need while building student confidence along the way.


“I'd like to connect right now.”

The in-app live chat feature lets your prospects easily raise their hand for assistance. Offer them the support they need, when they need it most.

Automated Notifications

“It’s hard to keep track of key dates and deadlines.”

With in-app notifications and automated confirmation and reminder emails, your prospects won't miss another deadline or application milestone.

Coming Soon

The Journey Continues

Wiley is actively working on expanding its capabilities, content, and platforms to engage students during the enrollment process, throughout their program, and into their careers.

The Impact

Experience the Impact

Reduce Latency Between Stages

Our integrated Student Journey approach helps you close the gap between research, inquiry, and enrollment. Keep your prospective students engaged and informed throughout the process.

Gain Operational Efficiency

By introducing key technologies and automation throughout the process, you can eliminate high effort administrative tasks, prospect outreach, and reminders and refocus your team's attention to more meaningful high-touch initiatives.

Make the Experience a Value Proposition

Many institutions compete to win at the product level, few have the means to the ability to also win on the total experience. The Wiley Student Journey enhances your already strong programmatic portfolio and sets your institution apart by offering prospects a stress-free, simple pathway to enrollment.

Impact Your Key Metrics

The Wiley Student Journey has a proven track record of positively impacting key institutional metrics. Whether you want to reduce your cost-per-start, exceed start goals, or increase lead to application rates—the Wiley team can help tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.


Backed by an Unsurpassed Technology Stack

The Wiley Student Journey pairs strategy, resources, and technology to give your institution the agility and efficiency that drives results. Here are just a few of the platforms and technologies that help bring it to life.

  • Lead gen optimized content management system (CMS)
  • Email and marketing automation
  • SMS / Text Messaging
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • UX testing, personalization, and digital experimentation platform
  • Custom inquiry forms
  • Customer relationship management and embedded chat
  • Tag management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Live agent and automated chatbot
  • Predictive website search
  • Data Lake
  • Consumer grade application portal

...and we are consistently expanding our technology capabilities every day.


You can learn more about the Wiley Student Journey by filling out our contact form. It's quick, simple and like our application experience, can be completed on any screen large or small.
Absolutely! Wiley can work with your institution to curate a portfolio of services that both increase student engagement metrics and help meet your enrollment goals.
That's our preferred model. We know a one size fits all approach doesn't work in today's market. Wiley's approach to the Wiley Student Journey allows us to combine elements that best complement your business goals and solve the challenges you may be experiencing.