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Wiley Talent Development

Through Wiley Talent Development, we collaborate with employers to identify the skills they need and create employee upskilling and reskilling opportunities. We’ll help you identify organizations’ skills gaps at the source and design the programs that bridge them with the invaluable insights we gain through our employer network.

Bridging the talent skills gap

There’s a significant trend in today’s labor market: Employers aren’t finding the talent they need. This has critical implications for higher education. While a degree is an important measure of achievement, it doesn’t automatically guarantee career success.

So, what do learners need? Skills in line with market demand. That’s why we work closely with employers. We get direct feedback about their skills gaps and partner with universities to design programs that fill those gaps. This means our university partners’ programs can directly address employers’ needs and stand out in the market to learners and employers alike.

But our work with employers doesn’t stop there. We also help organizations attract, nurture, and retain top talent by connecting their people to you, our university partners.

Employer partnerships for the win-win-win

When universities, learners, and employers come together, something special happens. You learn about the most in-demand skills, include them in your programs, and grow your enrollment opportunities. At the same time, employers attract and retain valuable people who can advance their careers.

Here are some of the benefits our partners enjoy through our employer network:

  • Reach new learners

    Employers are increasingly turning to tuition reimbursement as a benefit to attract and retain career-minded people. As one of our partners, you’ll benefit from this arrangement too. We’ll position you and your programs as the best and easiest way for employees to use their benefits and increase their skills.  

    The result? Your prospective student base grows effortlessly. We’ll guide employees directly to you through the Wiley Beyond platform and help them enroll in your programs. You’ll decide whether they’re the right learners for you and teach them the skills their companies are looking for.

  • Develop strategic employer relationships

    Get in front of top employers easier. When your university is on the Wiley Beyond platform, you’ll be connected directly to employees at companies in our employer network. We’ll recommend the programs that can fill employers’ skill gaps and prompt employees to apply to your university. Wiley Beyond also helps community college graduates in our network transfer to a four-year higher ed institution.

  • Better understand employer needs

    Working closely with employers is key to creating effective career-connected programs. By partnering with employers, you can identify skill gaps at the source and tailor their programs accordingly. Through Wiley Edge, we get a better picture of the overall job market by directly hearing employers’ needs. With that feedback, we find, train, and place job-ready technology talent in roles with leading corporations worldwide.

New strategies to grow organizations’ skills

Organizations are looking for new ways to find and retain skilled employees. So, we give them fresh approaches by:

Combining business and talent strategy with Wiley Beyond

  • Combining business and talent strategy with Wiley Beyond

    Recently, 94 percent of employees reported that they’d stay at their job longer if given learning and development opportunities.1 Data like this has shown employers that professional development initiatives give them an edge on retaining and attracting new talent. But in-house training is resource-heavy and expensive to create and sustain.

    That’s why we make it simple for employers with Wiley Beyond. We seamlessly integrate our services and learning platforms into their existing HR processes. That way, workplace-sponsored education becomes an attractive employee benefit and an efficient business solution.

  • Accelerating the talent pipeline with Wiley Edge

    Businesses need more employees with high-level technical skills than ever before. They also realize they need more diverse talent

    We solve these challenges and more through Wiley Edge. We create low-risk talent pipeline options by hiring, training, and deploying emerging talent. We also deliver custom reskilling to existing employees with role development and role transition programs.

    So far, we’ve cultivated and placed over 1,000 highly-skilled, diverse graduates in areas such as business analysis, software development, and project management in Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

    Take a closer look at our key Talent Development:

Wiley Beyond
Wiley Edge
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Reimagining the Workforce

Our report, Reimagining the Workforceshares how employers see the current skills gap and how they’re addressing their employee education needs.

Learn about employers’ top skills challenges and how you can develop programs that meet evolving labor demands.

Download the report

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