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More than an Ordinary OPM

Colleges and universities aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your support services shouldn’t be either. Whether you need project-based collaboration or end-to-end services, we’ll map out a partnership that efficiently meets your needs according to your university’s size. That’s why we offer flexible services. To determine the best kind of partnership, we’ll first find out what challenges your learners face, what your goals are, and what success looks like to you. Next, we’ll pinpoint the tools, products, and services that will get you there. From there, we’ll structure a partnership arrangement to match your required goals, services, and resources. No matter what: we’ll reinforce your vision, expertise, and administration to help you serve more learners.

This, that, or both? Which type of partnership is right for you?

There’s no right answer, just what’s right for your university. Whatever solutions you need, we’ll create a proposal that works for you. Once we’ve discovered what you need, together we’ll decide how to do it, with one of our partnership modalities: Fee-for-Service, Revenue Share, or a hybrid approach.

Fee-for-Service (FFS): The à la carte option

We know your school has unique needs. It’s why we tailor our services and partnership models to your goals. Only need targeted support? Our Fee-for-Service model makes it possible.

Fee-for-Service delivers the support you want. No more, no less. With Fee-for-Service, we’ll provide the services essential for your project. We’re here to help on projects of various sizes, whether it takes a few months or a few years to complete.

Fee-for-Service is ideal when you want targeted support for standalone or shorter-term projects. For example, typical support might involve marketing and enrollment or faculty development.

This would be the right model if you already have the infrastructure, capital, and resources to begin a project. Similarly, if you develop your in-house capabilities while under a revenue share agreement with us, you might switch to Fee-for-Service in the future. Either way, you’ll get the expertise, ingenuity, and technology to implement and sustain your vision. We’ll help you execute it for a pre-determined fee ASAP.

Fee-for-Service: What you need to know

Typical partnership length

Variable, but often less than one year

Primary source of funding and technology


Typical focus

Market research, marketing, or enhancing an existing program

Revenue Share: The complete package

You’ve got a big vision. We’re here to support it fully in a full Revenue Share partnership. With this complete package, we’re by your side every step of the way.

The Revenue Share model—often referred to as Online Program Management—fits if you need complete, long-term support creating, launching, and enhancing your online programs, in addition to other projects. We’ll make a substantial upfront investment in you by providing economies of scale, tools, technology, and resources.

If you need external capital, infrastructure, and technology to take your programs online, this would be the right model for you. It offers the highest level of strategy and insight and can be customized at both the institution and program levels. We’ll help you develop and launch your programs for a percentage of the revenue that your Wiley-supported programs earn.

Revenue Share: What you need to know

Typical partnership length

Five to ten years

Primary source of funding and technology


Typical focus

Launch and support of online programs

What model do other universities choose?


OPM/Revenue Share



Blue Quotes
A few years back, we had thought about doing an OPM tuition-share agreement, but we decided we wanted the flexibility and to see how our online services would evolve...We explained what we wanted, and Wiley brought us their full menu of services.
Dr. Jason Rhode, Executive Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Northern Illinois University

Hybrid: The combined approach

Need complete service in some functional areas and project-specific support in others? In a hybrid agreement, we’ll give you our comprehensive online program management services along with targeted support on additional projects. What we do will vary based on your exact needs, with some services provided one-time-only and others in an ongoing capacity.

This model will work well if you already have the resources to sustain some projects, but not all. We’ll determine the right blend of upfront fees and tuition revenue share based on the services you need.

Hybrid: What you need to know

Typical partnership length
Five to ten years, with more intensive support for a year or less
Primary source of funding and technology
Wiley and university
Example focus
Launch and support of online programs, plus clinical placement support

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