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Wiley Military and Veteran Center of Excellence

Nearly 200,000 Service members transition out of the military and into civilian life each year.1 And every year, over 1 million Service members, Veterans, and family members use the GI Bill®2 and military tuition assistance3 education benefits to further their education goals. But, without the right message and support, many potential students won’t enroll or will enroll but won’t reach graduation. Together, we can change that with life-changing learning for Service members, Veterans, and their families.

Cultivate a top-notch military student experience

The Wiley Military and Veteran Center of Excellence is a team of experts who plan, implement, and manage a strategy for growth in the military education space. We work with former military personnel to build specialized infrastructure to support learners from all U.S. military branches, veterans, and family members. We’ll specially design a strategy for your school to drive better outcomes for military students. Together, we’ll:

Enrich your support of military students

Attracting military students to your degree programs starts with having the right strategies and resources in place. To connect you with the learners who need you, we’ll support you in:

  • Developing relationships in the military community 

    We’ll help you implement a sophisticated multi-channel, geo-targeted marketing strategy with our strong ties to the military community. The result? You’ll connect with military learners in the right areas, in the right ways, all in full compliance with Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) policies.

  • Connecting with students where they are 

    Military students need education programs that match where they are in life. So, we’ll tailor how we message your programs specifically for them, engaging them through phone, email, SMS, or chat. In addition, we’ll connect you to learners on active duty, members of the Guard and Reserve, spouses and dependents, Veterans and retired military, and VA and DoD civilian employees.

Nurture military learners to succeed

Once we’ve attracted prospective military learners, we’ll make sure they’re supported throughout their entire education and beyond by:

  • Creating end-to-end support 

    Setting up successful outcomes for military learners starts with preparing your faculty and administration. That’s why we’ll provide comprehensive training for student-facing departments to align their work with military students’ needs. We’ll also implement robust support services from admissions through graduation.

  • Improving career outcomes

    All learners are looking to advance their careers. But military learners have a need that sets them apart: attaining promotion within the military or transitioning to civilian employment. That’s why we focus on connecting them to career-ready programs that support their immediate or next career needs. We also use robust technology- and data-enabled reporting of the entire student journey to ensure we’re impacting learners’ career outcomes. 

1 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, “The Military to Civilian Transition 2018”  

2 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (va.gov – GI Bill Comparison tool)  

3 Department of Defense (DoDMOU.com – TA Decide tool)

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