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Faculty Development and Training

Without the right support, the prospect of teaching online can be daunting for even the most experienced instructors. That’s why we’re here to help. Your faculty will develop the skills to lead engaging online courses that create meaningful, highly connective learning experiences.

Instructor success = learner success

Online and in-person teaching are two very different experiences. That’s why we empower instructors to teach online through a combination of immersive training opportunities and on-demand instructional resources.

With our faculty development capabilities, your instructors will become skilled online educators. We’ll also help them feel comfortable taking advantage of the entire learning management system (LMS).

Empowering online instructors through skillset development

Our online faculty development courses follow proven best practices for creating versatile and powerful academic experiences. We’ll show instructors how to use an LMS effectively and give them the techniques they need to make their virtual classroom rewarding and engaging. We do this through: 

  • Online teaching course for strategic learner support 

    We wanted to make sure faculty were well-prepared to teach online. So, our instructional design and media development teams collaborated with Dr. Susan Ambrose, author of How Learning Works. The result? A four-week course that shows instructors how to support learners in the online classroom strategically.

  • Engaging online course development 

    This self-paced course will give new faculty members the tools and techniques to create online learning experiences that engage and inspire learners.

Blue Quotes
A large part of our success has been from the relationships, the education, and the development that has come from the Wiley learning designers to our faculty.
Christopher J. Ward, Winthrop University
A mixed race female joins a support group and has a pleasant conversation.

Developing instructors to engage learners better

Instructors need to keep up with advancements in pedagogy to keep student engagement high.
To achieve this, we’ll give your faculty access to:

  • Wiley fellows for fostering thought leadership

    This is an empowering community of educators and experts working together to shape the future of higher ed. When your faculty members become Wiley fellows, they collaborate, research, and work on projects that remove obstacles for learners to reach successful outcomes. They also share innovative techniques and technologies to improve the online learning experience continuously.

  • Enhancement Grants to spur innovation

    Innovation is how we move higher education forward. We’re dedicated to this pursuit, so we award Enhancement Grants to our partners’ faculty and administrators who share this passion. These grants allow them to refine existing techniques and technologies to improve their distance learning programs or research new ones.

  • On-demand instructor development resources

    Faculty can develop their online pedagogy through our on-demand platform full of resources for enhancing course design and delivery. They’ll have 24/7 access to our extensive collection of research, techniques, and best practices to help them create rewarding learning experiences.

How Do Universities Go Online?

There’s far more to going digital than a stable internet connection. That’s why we surveyed a number of colleges and universities to understand how universities prepare instructors to lead online classrooms. Want the key points? Take a look at our infographic based on the study, Online Learning at Public Universities

A mixed race female joins a support group and has a pleasant conversation.
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