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Technology has changed how we live and work. It’s also expanded access to education. The opportunity? You now have more options than ever to help learners advance their careers. When you partner with us, you get the right combination of flexible services and solutions to strengthen your impact and their outcomes.

A versatile partner to take you further

Wiley Impact Fact

Seventy-nine percent of current students and alumni we surveyed would take part in online learning if they had to do it all over again. –Voice of the Online Learner 2021

With us by your side, we’ll find the best ways for you to reach the learners who need you. So, how do we do it? First, we’ll ask you what challenges you face and what success looks like to you.

Next, we’ll conduct market research and collect data to formulate the right set of tools, products, and services for you. Will targeted support with a Fee-for-Service agreement be right for you? Complete services with a Revenue Share partnership? A hybrid approach? Your needs are unique, and our partnership will be too.

We’ll help you design and execute an efficient plan so you can grow the impact of your university and meet students’ needs from application to graduation.

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Our capabilities take you further

Wiley Impact Fact

We helped the University of West Alabama nearly double online program enrollments within three years.

We’ll help you grow enrollment, reach new markets, and gain momentum through our:

  • Scale

    Finding and enrolling your ideal students is critical to your growth, no matter your university’s size. But this also takes time and increasingly sophisticated resources. So whether you’re a small to mid-sized regional or large university, we’ll give you everything you need to expand your offering and meet your goals. 

  • Flexibility

    Your needs are unique. Your support should be too. That’s why we offer Fee-for-Service, Revenue Share, and hybrid partnership models that match your ambitionsso you can help learners achieve theirs.

  • Expertise

    Whatever your challenges, we’ll help you overcome them. How? With over 200 years of higher education experience and two decades of shaping online education. In that time, we’ve partnered with over 70 non-profit colleges and universities, built more than 800 programs, and supported over 155,000 learners. 

  • Transparency

    Accessibility, affordability, and quality outcomes are paramount to defining your success. With us, you’ll get clear results and data that keep us accountable to you. Read more about our impact in our annual partnership transparency report, Powering Higher Education. 

  • High-impact outcomes

    How can higher ed lead students to opportunity? With career-connected educationfrom aspiration to advancement. Together, we’ll create courses that provide the skills learners and employers need most. 

Blue Quotes
Our program is so grateful to the partnership for just the opportunity for growth and expansion and for making the program better than it was.
Jodi M. Duke, George Mason University

Solving your top challenges—together

You shouldn’t have to go it alone.

  • Align your program portfolio with market demand

    We take an insightful, data-driven approach to  market research and program design. With our help, you’ll develop an academic portfolio to address employers’ skill gaps, sync with market trends, and meet learners’ needs.

  • Expand your reach to learners

    We support the entire learner journey with services to help you reach your marketing, recruitment, enrollment, and retention goals.

  • Deliver accessible learning

    Your faculty and your learners need flexible, quality, and supportive distance learning experiencesThey’ll get all that with our outcomes-focused course and instructional design. 

  • Receive support that matches your needs

    Do you need focused support for a defined project? Or the people, infrastructure, and technology for university-wide initiativeWhatever your needs, we’ll craft a plan that’s right for you.

Our flexible partnership models

Higher ed economics are evolving, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news? Online education helped universities continue meeting learners’ needs despite social distance. But it can be so much more than a contingency plan. Online learning is an opportunity to reinvent the student experience. 

By incorporating fully online or blended experiences into your on-campus offerings, you can design degrees that prioritize accessibility, flexibility, outcomes, and employment for learners. 

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all agreement. Instead, we curate your services and tailor our partnership agreement to fit you. Whatever your challenges and goals, our flexible partnership models will help you take control of changing learner expectations, budgets, and world situations. 

Once we pinpoint which services you need, we’ll base our partnership agreement on one of these three approaches: Fee-for-Service, Revenue Share, or hybrid. To learn more, visit our Partnership Models page. 

Which growth opportunities are available to your universityAnd which partnership model is bestLet’s talk and find out. 

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