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Dynamic Market Strategy and Program Planning

Your university has aggressive goals, so you need sophisticated data to achieve them. That’s why our research provides a complete picture of the market and your unique positioning within it. While market research is the basis for our strategy and approach, we also do some projects on a fee-for-service basis. We support a range of higher ed institutions. So, whether you’re a large state university or a mid-sized regional college, we’ll give you an edge on the competition with this comprehensive data.

Strategic planning with expert insights

Question? Answer. Solution!

We’ll use our market research to identify opportunities for your small, mid-size, or large college or university. Then, we’ll use those insights to strategize how to set you apart. We’ll enhance your courses, evaluate new programs, and sync up your portfolio with the career-connected programs that learners need.

How we’ll get started

We’ll kick off our partnership by talking about industry trends and what they could mean to your university. This includes examining learners’ motivations to choose one program over another and the market trends around a particular program being offered online, on-campus, or hybrid format.

Gathering data and uncovering insights will help us:

  • Know your competition and your advantage

    Finding and considering how to use your unique strengths will inform our strategy. Our research will give you the big-picture view of higher ed and let us explore different sectors where you’re best suited to meet learner demand.

  • Forecast labor trends to fill market gaps

    What are learners looking for? The same thing as employers. So, we’ll help you bridge the gap between them. First, we’ll determine which areas of the labor market are emerging and expandingThen, we’ll pinpoint which skills employers will need most and which programs you should offer.

  • Identify your best opportunities for new programs

    Through gap analysis, we’ll find the industries and sectors being overlooked by higher ed. This will allow us to explore majors that can further your goals and create high-impact outcomes for learners. Check out our research in the State of the Education Market at the bachelor’smaster’s, and doctoral levels to begin learning more. 

Strengthening your portfolio: Our proprietary approach

What makes a program successful? The answer lies in analysis and collaboration.

We’ll collaborate closely to map out your market opportunities with our signature Strategic Portfolio Development™ approach. Our findings will enable us to design programs with maximum impact on your growth and learners’ outcomes.

Our thorough market research will help us:

  • Analyze marketplaces to identify what learners want

    We’ll analyze national and local enrollment data to understand learners’ motivations. This will tell us whether to design specific programs for on-campus or distance-learning students, for example. It will also help define the best strategy to grow your pool of prospective learners and boost enrollment. 

  • Discover employer indicators

    We create the programs that employers are looking forHow? With future-facing labor trends based on real-time job listings, market research, and Google search activity for college degrees. 

  • Get ahead of the competition

    Well evaluate the competition before you enter a market so you can anticipate how your programs will compare. By analyzing IPEDS and Google search data, we’ll show you what attracts learners to you and how their needs aren’t being met elsewhere. 

Market Research: By the Numbers

We research and analyze the subjects that will have the biggesimpact on both you and your learners.


Average number of market research projects we complete per year


Percent of projects we do for current partners


The number of learners we survey every year to understand their behavior and preferences

Maximizing your potential with thought leadership

We lead market research studies on topics that matter to educators and use those insights to serve you betterWhether we create a project-based or ongoing partnership, your research capabilities will go even further when you team up with us.

With our data-driven approach, we’ll:

  • Align your marketing to changes in learner behavior

    Our annual Voice of the Online Learner study helps us match our strategies to what learners want. 

  • Make an impact on the workforce

    Through our Reimagining the Workforce study, were discovering what matters most to employers.

  • Enhance and elevate the online learning experience

    We stay up to speed with the value of nurturing a consistent and engaging online student experience in our Student Perspectives on Online Programs study.

Here are more free resources we’ve made available to everyone in higher ed. 

What Are the Best Programs and Degrees for You to Offer Online?

The answer to this question varies and depends on your existing portfolio.

Well work with you to identify how you can best meet learners’ needs, expand upon what you’ve already achieved, and further your goals. We’ll find out which existing and potential programs will work well online, oncampus, or in combined formats. 

Where Do Your Opportunities Lie?

What differentiates you from your competition, and what gaps in the market can you fill?

Find out with our complimentary market assessment. We’ll schedule a call to show you where your university sits in the market and how you can be more competitive and reach your goals.

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