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Strategic Portfolio Development™

Insights. Expertise. Strategy. We’ll combine these to create programs that set your learners up for high-impact outcomes and efficiently scale your capabilities, all under a flexible partnership model targeted to your goals.

Creating your “smart” portfolio

Strategic Portfolio Development™ is an efficient way to expand your academic portfolio and meet market demand. It starts with market analysis and ends with launching career-connected programs that match learners’ needs and employers’ demands.

Together, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Maximize the impact of existing programs

    Our modular approach makes it easy to align your portfolio with the most in-demand programs. First, well repackage and enhance your existing courses. Then we’ll fill in the gaps with new in-demand concentrations or certificate options. The result? High-impact, career-connected programs that give learners—and employers—what they want.

  • Create cross-sector opportunities

    Employers want graduates who specialize in more than one subject, so we help learners get the edge with interdisciplinary credentials. How? We’ll discover where your existing programs intersect and develop a strategy to bring faculty, courses, and curriculum together. The result? Competitive programs that educate graduates with competitive skillsets.

  • Make you a market insider

    With the latest market research and insights, you’ll know how to fill gaps in the market. We’ll ensure your programs meet tomorrow’s employment needs by intelligently applying education, employment, and lifestyle data.

Blue Quotes
We chose to take the Strategic Portfolio approach to offering programs to essentially sustain and grow our market share. We feel that the use of a multidiscipline-specific approach to course offerings attracts students.
Steven Szydlowski, University of Scranton

Anchor Programs and Stackable Credentials

Strategic Portfolio Development connects the dots between programs across your university and promotes lifelong learning. How? By building on anchor programs and stacking short-term credentials into advanced degrees.

Wiley Impact Fact

The average Wiley-supported online MBA ranks competitively and is about $6,500 less than the market average.

  • Expand anchor programs

    Turn popular anchor programs into growth opportunities with new credentials. Take an MBA, for instance. We’ll help you develop related business  specializations that can be stacked into new concentrations or alternate credentials. 

  • Stack certificates into advanced degrees

    We don’t see certificates as one-off credentialsrather as segments of advanced degrees. So, well support you by stacking them together seamlessly into complete degree programs.

  • Empower learners with dynamic learning paths

    Challenge: Adult learners need low-stress degree pathways and high-impact outcomesSolution? Stackable credentials. They make learning more manageable by alleviating stress and providing students more wins more quicklyWith this option, your learners will be more motivated to continue their education and grow the skills they need to take their careers further. 

Does your portfolio match your learners’ needs?

Is your academic portfolio working as hard as it could be, and where do your biggest opportunities lie?

Find out with our complimentary market assessment. We’ll schedule a call to show you where your university sits in the market and how you can be more competitive and reach your goals.

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