Higher Education Podcasts

Higher Education Podcasts

What’s trending today in higher education? Find out in our original podcast, An Educated Guest.

Hosted by Todd Zipper, EVP and GM of Wiley University Services and Talent Development, you’ll learn from some of the greatest minds in higher ed and delve into the innovations and trends guiding the future of education.

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About An Educated Guest

We created An Educated Guest podcast to help university administrators, college faculty, and professionals in the postsecondary space stay ahead of the latest trends in higher ed. Having launched in June 2021, the show has been drawing lifelong learners from around the globe to listen to top predictions, perspectives, and innovations from higher education’s most respected thought leaders.

Who Are Our Educated Guests?

We’ve welcomed thought leaders such as university presidents, edtech entrepreneurs, digitally-savvy deans, and social justice advocates to share their expertise on the show. Episode topics have included:

  • Why it’s vital to give people second chances
  • The benefits of competency-based education
  • Creating a continuum from education to employment
  • The impact of centering mental health in higher ed
  • Innovating affordable, outcome-driven ways to finance tuition
  • And many more

Praise for An Educated Guest

Rated 5 out of 5 Stars on Apple Podcasts

Great insights and guests

“As someone working in higher education I really enjoy listening to this podcast and hearing the perspectives of the different guests and about the future of higher education. Todd is a great host and asks insightful and thoughtful questions to his guests. You can tell he has an enthusiasm for the topics and that the guests are subject matter experts in their fields. This is a good listen for anyone working in the higher ed realm.”

Required listen for Higher Ed

“Insightful discussion and a required listen for those working in Higher Ed. Discussions explore new systems and processes for the future learner, curriculum structure and innovation, as well as building skills for the in-demand jobs!”

An absolute MUST listen!

“Thoroughly enjoyed Todd’s interview of Paul! So many hot topics covered from affordability, to competency based education, to machine learning and innovation. As an avid podcast listener, working in the higher education sector, I have tried to find an industry podcast I loved yet couldn’t. Until now! The entire hour of episode one was amazing! I can’t wait for additional episodes!”

Higher Ed JEDI!

“If you have a career in higher education or JEDI—Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion—this is the podcast for you! I work in both and this first podcast had my jaw dropping over and over again with the incredible accomplishments, insights, and perspectives shared. Absolutely looking forward to more!”

About the Host, Todd Zipper

The host of An Educated Guest is Todd Zipper, EVP and GM of Wiley University Services and Talent Development. Todd is driven to unlock the potential of universities, faculty, students, and society at large through career-connected education at scale and leads the organization as a mission-driven business. He is dedicated to helping higher ed institutions and educators grow, accelerating learners’ career success, and enabling organizations to upskill and reskill the best talent through a robust ecosystem of university and employer partnerships.

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