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Clinical and Field Placement Support

Clinical and field placements are indispensable to certain learners’ outcomes, particularly in nursing, social work, counseling, speech pathology, public health, and more. This hands-on experience allows them to complete their learning requirements and prepares them to be skilled employees within the workforce. Placing learners in the field is crucial and often complex work. But with us, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll make the experience streamlined and stress-free for you and your learners.

Overcoming Clinical Placement Challenges

Finding the right field placements isn’t easy. Universities and learners often face challenges in arranging placements that align with learners’ goals and accreditation requirements.

The good news? You don’t have to go it alone. We have the expertise, resources, and connections to get your learners the practical experience they need to complete their education.

Your clinical placement team

You’ll get expert support from our Field Education Specialist team in partnership with student retention services. With field and/or clinical sites and preceptors in place, our Specialists connect directly with learners to support program outcomes. They’ll help your learners navigate finding a relevant facility, support procedures and approval workflows, and ensure students are ready for their placement’s respective commitments and responsibilities.

Matching learners with the right preceptors

Our team is here to ease the load for you and your learners. Here’s how we’ll help:

  • Provide access to broad placement options

    We are here to help students connect with sites and preceptors across the country. These are experienced, service oriented professionals ready and willing to help your learners find relevant options that meet their learning needs.

  • Provide specialist support wherever it’s needed 

    Our Field Education Specialists will manage your clinical placements and maintain your database so you can put your focus elsewhere.

  • Create supporting resources

    We’ll work with you to create a library of resources for your learners and their preceptors when we begin our partnership. In the meantime, get started by looking at this preceptor survey infographic.

Wiley Impact Fact

95% the percentage of preceptors we surveyed who are open to receiving learners through Wiley
Blue Quotes
Before I spoke to Wiley’s Field Education Specialist, I felt lost and not part of the school, it truly felt like distance schooling, but she immediately changed my mind, and I felt like part of the school…Giving a helping hand to those who need it makes a difference, and that is what the Wiley team did for me.
Wiley-Supported Student

Taking care of learners and in-field processes

Whether you need ongoing service or project-based support, we’ve planned every step of the way to help learners excel in rewarding fieldwork. No matter your needs, we’re ready to manage your clinical placement program down to the finest detail. Here’s what we can do: 

  • Find and verify the right placements at the right time

    First, we’ll identify and reach out to learners approaching the placement portion of their program—typically two semesters before field training starts. We’ll also check that they’ve completed the courses foundational to their fieldwork. Then, we’ll set them up with all the necessary resources and materials to make sure they’re prepared.

  • Provide information and hold students accountable

    We’ll steer learners in the right direction, helping them through the process and keeping them on track during their placements. We can also be the go-between for you and your preceptors if any questions arise.

  • Collate and organize documents

    We’ll collect all the necessary documents (e.g., the affiliation agreement, procedure verification forms, and liability coverage) from all parties and update the database as we go.

  • Handle both enrollment and follow-up

    We’ll make sure each learner has correctly enrolled with their preceptors and follow up with any necessary legalities. We’ll also attend any meetings with the field team. 

How Do Your Programs Compare?

Is there an opportunity for your university to expand your field-based programs, such as social work and nursing?

Find out with our complimentary market assessment. We’ll schedule a call to walk you through a detailed analysis of where your university compares to others, from enrollments to conferrals.

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