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Award-winning, full-scale, higher ed marketing. Our marketing services are targeted exclusively to higher education, so we know exactly what learners need and how to bring them to you. And, with creative strategies and artificial intelligence (AI), we’ll launch a goals-focused marketing campaign that builds brand awareness and motivates learners to apply to your on-campus or online programs.

Award-Winning Marketing

Best In-House Search Engine Marketing Team, 2021
Voted by Search Engine Land

Our Approach to Higher Education Marketing

Boosting enrollment is the goal and aligning with learners is the approach. With our deep understanding of learners’ needs and motivations, we’ll create a strategic digital marketing campaign to attract more learners to apply to and enroll in your courses, whether on-campus or online. We’ll also make their Student Journey more accessible and streamlined with AI, automation, and real-time information in their preferred format. That means less stress for them and more engagement with you.

Whether you need marketing expertise through a Revenue Share partnership or on a project basis, we’ll strengthen your position and help you engage with learners on a global scale through:

Web design and UX optimization


Search engine marketing

Direct response marketing

Social media engagement

Brand management

Boosting enrollments with innovative marketing

Tested. Trusted. Proven. We have extensive experience delivering marketing campaigns with results. In fact, we’ve been named Best In-House Search Engine Marketing Team of the year. We partner with over 70 colleges and universities to support their learners inquiring about, enrolling in, and graduating from career-connected programs with our marketing expertise.

Utilize insights about learner wants and needs

Students have more learning options now than ever before. To attract them, you need a clear view of the constantly evolving higher ed landscape. That’s why we put so much focus on finding out exactly how and why behavior changes. We do this by working directly with strategic partners like Google to listen to students’ wants and needs. From there, we adapt our strategy accordingly.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Make your programs stand out in a competitive market

    We analyze the higher ed landscape to find your university’s and portfolio’s unique differentiators. From there, we’ll position your programs to appeal to prospective learners and give them the clarity they need to apply.

  • Activate prospective learners early

    The secret to our strategy? Find and repeatedly engage the right learners early in their research phase.  With our expertise, affiliates, and resources, we’ll position your university as a top choice early on and speed up students’ time to decide.

  • Reach students on their time, on their terms

    Learners want universities to communicate with them in the way they choose. That’s why we maintain an automated cross-platform messaging system to engage learners globally from inquiry to application.

Recruit the right learners for you

Your university is one-of-a-kind. That’s why we market your university and programs to the best students for you. We’ll target the right audience and motivate them to act by messaging what makes you the perfect fit for them.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Define your ideal learners

    We precisely map your programs with learner demographics to determine how they want to be engaged. To do this, we use specialized segmentation data, like the personas we used in our Survey of Graduate Students.

  • Engage prospective learners and drive momentum

    We use targeted methods to reach your defined audience with messaging that’s unique to your brand. We’ll also dedicate the necessary personnel, infrastructure, and media resources to keep up the momentum long after your campaigns have launched.

Wiley University Services marketing: By the numbers

Each month, we grow prospective student enrollments through:

350 thousand

digital messages

5 million

search engine impressions

11 million

paid search ads

60 million

social media engagements

Young African American student walk up stars with books in hand.

Engage more learners than you could alone

Colleges and universities partner with us to do more than they could independently. How? Take our leading-edge analytics, visualization tools, and multimillion-dollar marketing tech stack, for instance. We’ll use these tools to help you:

  • Attract learners through the right media channels

    We apply demographics and analytics to define the best mix of media, channels, and platforms for you. Then we use what we’ve learned to talk to learners in dynamic ways that pique their interest and motivate them to .

  • Nurture relationships to encourage applications

    When a potential learner makes contact, we’ll keep them engaged through strategic nurturing messaging tactics. These reinforce the targeted program’s value proposition, deepen their connection with you, and motivate them to apply.

Wiley Impact Fact

96% the percentage of learners who gave a positive rating to the Student Journey platform

Accelerate and grow conversions with the Student Journey

Our proprietary Student Journey revolutionizes the way students learn about and apply to your university. With a more self-service, consumer-led approach, students have a stress-free experience, and you get more conversions quicker.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Organically funnel learners from their first search

    Through our keyword-optimized portfolio of websites, learners will land on your website more quickly from their very first Google search. From there, our technology suite begins delivering automated, personalized content about your university and self-directs learners to research more about your programs.

  • Eliminate friction to prompt action

    A top challenge for prospective learners is getting the right information, in the right way, and at the right time. We clear out these engagement barriers with frictionless communication channels so learners can source information about you on their terms. Whether they need information after hours from the chatbot or to test-drive an actual course with our Online Student Experience, we remove manual gatekeeping. This way, learners can get to know you and apply more quickly.

  • Convert more learners for less

    We use multi-touch attribution software to follow learners from inquiry to application in real time. This gives us the data to understand which channels and messaging frequencies are most effective. The result? A more refined, transparent overall strategy and efficient budget.

Improve leads through campaign optimization

Launch. Refine. Repeat. Once we start your marketing campaign, we’ll continuously iterate to ensure we’re doing the best job of inspiring and motivating prospective students to engage.

Here’s how it works:

  • Continuously improve web conversions

    We use the innovative measurement tool Optimizely to make sure your website is compelling learners to take action. This improves overall user experiences and increases on-page conversion in a way that normal testing and maintenance cant.

  • Keep engaging learners as their needs change

    We use dynamic banner ads to automate both the creation and deployment of targeted digital messages. This means we can quickly test and adapt ads, keeping prospective learners engaged even as their needs and behaviors change.

  • Track your performance in realtime

    Transparency is key to understanding our impact. With marketing driving your leads and enrollments, it’s critical that you have a clear picture of your pipeline. That’s why we’ve developed our real-time performance dashboard. From the big picture to details, you’ll be able to understand the state of your campaign anytime, anywhere.

    Curious about the performance dashboard? See an example in our annual partnership transparency report, Powering Higher Education.

Marketing for all your programs, online and on-campus

We don’t just do marketing for online programs. We have the flexibility and expertise to successfully market online, on-campus, or hybrid programs, no matter the modality. We draw on analytics, our best practices, and your collaboration to create programs with value propositions that stand out from the crowd.

Our success is proven too. But don’t take our word for it. Read what Wiley-supported students have to say in our Student Perspectives on Online Programs study. For instance, we found that 88% of Wiley-supported learners are satisfied with their decision to enroll.

Young African American student walk up stars with books in hand.
Productive young woman uses her laptop sitting in a building atrium.

How Can You Reach More Learners?

Find out with our complimentary market assessment. We’ll schedule a call to show you where your university sits in the market and how you can be more competitive and reach your goals. 

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