About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to unlock human potential by connecting education to meaningful career outcomes.

That’s why we stand up for seekers of knowledge and tear down barriers to society’s advancement. We light the way forward in research and education and provide meaningful contributions to the world’s workforce. By making research available to everyone and bridging the gap between education and employment, we aspire to improve lives everywhere.

Our impact areas

We aim to fulfill our mission through three interconnected areas of impact:

Enabling discovery

From small steps to great strides. In college, career, and everything in between. We give curious knowledge seekers the content, tools, and communities to continue their learning journey. Whoever they are, wherever they’re headed.

Powering education

We’re making education more practical and useful. For students and professionals. On-site, online, or both. And we’re partnering with higher ed institutions of many sizes to shape what career-connected education looks like tomorrow.

Shaping workforces

Classroom, meet workplace. We’re bridging the gap between education and employment. This means employers can find and develop the best talent. And employees can upskill to excel throughout their entire careers.

Powering career-connected education, one partnership at a time

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how education can inspire positive change for people, businesses, and communities alike. That’s why powering education that connects to career is one of the ways we strive to make an impact on the world.

To fulfill our mission in this area, we team up with a range of non-profit colleges and universities to ensure knowledge seekers have accessible, affordable higher education options that lead to impactful career outcomes.

Guided by our mission, we have learners’ outcomes in mind whenever we collaborate with higher ed partners. Every university is unique, so the products and services they select are always flexible and curated to their specific goals. We always use in-depth market research to inform our support, whether it involves Strategic Portfolio DevelopmentTM, enrollment and retention, clinical placement support, and beyond.

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