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Wiley Advancement Courses lets you offer high-quality professional development courses to K–12 teachers.

Support Educators in Their Career Journeys

Advancement Courses provides graduate-level professional development courses that help teachers develop skills that are immediately applicable to their classrooms.

With Advancement Courses, you’ll not only diversify your offering, but you’ll also impact the lives of others. You’ll provide a rewarding experience to deserving K-12 teachers and grow your brand reputation by improving the quality of education in the community.

Excited to expand your good work? Learn more about Advancement Courses.

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Wiley Impact Facts

95% of learners would recommend Advancement Courses to a friend or colleague

96% of learners agree that the course improved or will improve their teaching

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Online professional development that goes beyond 

These agile professional development courses are created specifically for K-12 teachers. The best part? Getting started is easy, with minimal investment on your part. We’ll deliver, facilitate, and market them on your behalf. Our Advancement Courses programs are: 

  • Immediately valuable and applicable 

    Advancement Courses adds a new level of value to your portfolio. Each course is unique to your university and developed with one of your subject matter experts. As a result, teachers get exceptional, practical insights, tools, and resources they can use in their classroom activities right away. 

  • Continuously improved via feedback 

    We gather constructive feedback from learners as we go. That means you’ll always know exactly how to enhance and develop your offering to fit your learners’ wants and needs. 

  • Accessible and intuitive for learners 

    The course content follows universal design principles, which intelligently reflect each learner’s unique education needs. The result? Your courses will be highly accessible, boosting your enrollments and learners’ satisfaction. 

  • Convenient and flexible for changing needs 

    Balancing study with work is often a big obstacle in a learner’s development journey. Not so with Advancement Courses. With these online, self-paced classes, learners can engage with the course material anytime, anywhere.

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