Wiley University Services Issues Inaugural University Partnership and Student Outcomes Report

Last updated on: May 1, 2023

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Global Leader in Career-Connected Education Provides Insights and Transparency into its University Services Partner Programs, with a Spotlight on Affordability, Accessibility, and Outcomes

HOBOKEN, N.J. – September 14, 2021 – Wiley University Services, a division of Wiley, today released its inaugural Powering Higher Education: Partner Transparency and Outcomes Report to provide new insights into the career-connected education services it provides to its university partners. The report — which examines affordability, partnership models, customer satisfaction, and student outcomes — finds that on average, Wiley partner programs tend to be more affordable than comparable online programs while performing well in terms of customer satisfaction and student success.

“Connecting high-quality education to meaningful career outcomes is critically important to students, and we’re partnered with more than 70 universities worldwide to deliver exactly that,” said Todd Zipper, President of Wiley University Services. “The institutions we serve are essential to advancing the economic equity and mobility of learners in their communities by offering programs that are both accessible and affordable. Our report reinforces the support we offer: helping our partners deliver high-quality online learning at scale, even in the face of increasing capital restraints and marketplace challenges.”

The report highlights both qualitative and quantitative data around Wiley’s university partners in the U.S., which include some of the nation’s top-ranked universities and range from large and regional public institutions to small, non-profit colleges. Key highlights of the report include the following:

Wiley Partner Programs Prioritize Affordability

Wiley is committed to creating online education that drives outcomes and is accessible and affordable, through partnership models that maintain or reduce the cost of tuition to the student. Indeed, the report finds that Wiley partner programs tend to cost less than those provided by other schools without sacrificing quality. For example, the average online Master of Business Administration (MBA) powered by Wiley is about $6,500 less than the market average; the average online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is about $6,700 less than the market average; and the average Master of Science in Nursing is nearly $4,400 less than the market average.

Wiley Learners Report High Levels of Satisfaction

Wiley partner programs are also earning high marks from both learners and faculty. To evaluate customer satisfaction, Wiley uses a Net Promoter Score (NPS), a universally utilized metric (any score above zero is good, a score above 30 is great, and a score above 70 is excellent). Wiley learners reported a 54 NPS. Moreover, Wiley partner faculty reported a consistent NPS of more than 70 as compared to the prior year.

Wiley Fuels Higher-Than-Average Graduation and Retention Rates

Overall, Wiley’s retention and graduation rates across four university categories are performing above average. Specifically, the average graduation rate for Wiley partner programs is 64.8% (nearly 30% higher than similar non-profit online schools), and the overall retention rate is 78.3% (10% higher than similar non-profit online schools).

Top performing programs facilitated by Wiley include Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) and Concordia University St. Paul. Wiley partners with OLLU to offer its high-performing Master of Social Work program with retention rates of 87%, and graduation rates of 74%. Concordia University, St. Paul’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program has a graduation rate of 73%, the highest of all Wiley-powered BSNs.

“Smaller higher-ed institutions found themselves at a crossroads early during the pandemic. We needed to invest in new ways of delivering education to meet rising demand for affordable and accessible online programs in order to remain competitive. Without Wiley as our partner, we wouldn’t have had the leverage to get out in front of online learning to the degree we have,” said Eric LaMott, COO and Provost for Concordia University.

To enable university partners to be more nimble and successful, Wiley is launching a new standard performance dashboard in 2021 providing schools access to student lifecycle data, (enrollment, retention, and more) in one place. Wiley aims to track additional data sets for future report releases, including job placement rates and employability outcomes, as well as student loan information (e.g., default rates and average student loan debt) — further connecting, measuring and improving high-quality education with career success/outcomes.

To date, Wiley University Services has supported 140,000 learners and developed over 800 programs in partnership with more than 70 non-profit colleges and universities. Of Wiley’s partners, 68% schools opt for a revenue-share model, and 32% choose a fee-for-service model.

Wiley’s full suite of University Services includes strategic labor market research, program design and development, marketing and enrollment and student support services, leveraging Wiley’s Online Learning Advisement Model. For more information, please visit: https://universityservices.wiley.com/why-partner/.

To view the full report, please visit https://universityservices.wiley.com/powering-higher-education-2021/.


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